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Get started on feeling great today!


Get started on feeling great today!

About Us

Anna's Temptations was founded in September 2018 by her husband, Joe.  With the increasing popularity of her Tasty Temptations, Joe created the company for Anna to live her dream of baking and creating from the comfort of their home.  Experience all the pretty things in Anna's mind brought to life for everyone to enjoy...from her tastiest vegan versions of classic foods and sweets,  to her hypnotizing, unique mandala paintings.    Her Temptations are made from whole organic ingredients, NEVER any animal products.  Her Creations are painted with acrylic and paint markers on canvas. Creations using different materials coming soon!    Every product we sell is made with LOVE!! As yoga practitioners, we understand that energy is EVERYTHING!  Bringing yoga to all areas of life, including our businesses, we infuse a loving energy into our food and creations when we produce them.  Mantras are playing, songs are sung, and LOVE is overflowing in our space.  You can taste it in our foods, you can see and feel it in her art.

We do our best to fulfill our socio-environmental responsibility by being 100% plant based and by minimizing all forms of waste. 


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